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A cohousing community (forming) in London, Ontario, Canada 

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    Family oriented; a community for all ages

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    Designed by the members

    What's your vision? Members design the community from the ground up

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    Green living accomplished through resource sharing and mindfulness


What is cohousing?

Cohousing communities are intentional in nature: fostering a strong sense of community and neighborliness is their prime goal. The physical design, a process in which the members play a key role, facilitates that intention whilst allowing members privacy, autonomy and the perks of home ownership (some communities do offer rental units). They are pocket neighborhoods created (and often maintained) by the residents.

Cohousing commonly uses a condominium-style legal structure (although some other ownership models may be used). Members purchase their unit within the community, and a share in the common spaces. A reserve fund is kept for maintenance and repairs etc.

​Units are private and fully functional (kitchen, bathroom(s), bedroom(s), living area), but foster ongoing community engagement through certain strategic design principles (such as peripheral parking, porches, common walkways and so on). The main feature of the common space is the 'common house'. This is a building housing a community kitchen with a dining/meeting room, workshop, guest rooms, child play areas and just about anything else that the community decides it would like to have as a shared space (e.g. gym/yoga studio, music practice room, arts and crafts studio ... the list is endless).

Community meals may be routinely scheduled in the common house along with many other events, however, it's all up to the members to decide and agree on when and how they wish to participate. Decisions about the ongoing life of the community are made by a consensus or sociocratic methodology. Please visit our Events page for upcoming Information sessions in which you can learn more about our group and how to become a member.